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Family Fun Projects


Welcome To Family Fun Projects!
Our goal is to provide an ever growing number of fun and helpful
resources for you and your family. We will also be providing some Fun
Science projects for kids from Steve Spangler, "The Science Guy",
on a fairly regular basis.

Latest Family Fun Project

Coin Collecting!

Making Collecting Numismatic Coins a Profitable Family Hobby:

Coin collecting is fun and educational for parents, children, and grandparents. Children can learn about history, geography, math and maybe even politics for an older child.

Numismatics, which is the study of money and the act of collecting coins, has been going on for hundreds of years. Numismatic coin collecting was to become known as the hobby of kings as most coin collectors were royals, nobles and people of rich families. Today anyone and everyone can join in the wonderful hobby of coin collecting.

In ancient Roman times, Emperor Ceasar Augustus, was known for distributing all kinds of coins to the people as Saturnalia gifts. Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV was presented a collection of coins by Petrarch. Petrarch in 1355, an Italian scholar and poet, and was considered to be the first Renaissance coin collector.

Collecting coins is a very easy hobby to start and will be enjoyed by people of all ages and walks of life. It does not cost a lot of money and many of the supplies to get started can already be found in your home. If you are beginning a collection witha small budget, all a person needs to start a coin collection is a box, coins and an interest in them.

If you have more to investon supplies you will want to purchase an album and or small paper envelopes. These will be used to protect your coins. You should also have a magnifying glass between 5x and 8x and a good book for identifying and pricing the different coins.

There are many supplies and resources available to the advanced coin collector which can be found at Coin dealer shops.

Numismatic coin collecting is a wonderful hobby for people of all ages. The amount of involvement can be easily tailored from very basic coin collecting for kids building up to the level of a professional coin collector. The main thing when first beginning to collect coins is to have fun with your new hobby and share it with your family and friends. They may also become interested in collecting coins as a hobby.

There is actually a way you can get a new MS70 silver coin every month and also make a very nice income while building your coin collection. Ms stands for Mint state.

If you are interested in starting a very valuable collection that your kids will have for years and years and make a generous income or just cover the cost of your Silver Coin A Month Club Go To: NUMIS NETWORK .

Coin Videos

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